What are they?

The P&K PHOTOSHADES are Sunglasses designed for children age 3-11 years. These unique Sunglasses can be worn Inside out, back to front and upside down! Kids can select and cut out two of their favourite negative film clips and easily slip them into the versatile and adjustable frames.

Style & Fun.

Each P&K PHOTOSHADES comes with a matching pen and collectable T&C Tag which can both be worn as parts of the glasses!

The modular design allows children to change and flip out their favourite negative films, as well as swapping parts of the PHOTOSHADES as well.

Fundamental Safety.

The P&K PHOTOSHADES are made with safety in mind, made out of high quality poly-carbonate material which will not shatter and can handle the roughest of users, and all paints used are lead free.

The lens is additionally certified to UV400 to protect the developing eyes of our children. 

Guaranteed Fit.

Fully adjustable frames make this product suitable for children of all ages, this feature makes the P&K PHOTOSHADES customisable to fit heads of all sizes. Nobody has to miss out on this amazing trend. 

Old is new again.

The Shades are designed to mimic the design of classic camera film of yesteryear, and with size compatibility with normal camera film real, film strips can be put in the glasses, which will then be visible to the wearer!